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Uploading Stemcells


Document uses CLI v2.

(See What is a Stemcell? for an introduction to stemcells.)

As described earlier, each deployment can reference one or more stemcells. For a deploy to succeed, necessary stemcells must be uploaded to the Director.

Finding Stemcells

The stemcells section of lists official stemcells.

Uploading to the Director

CLI provides bosh upload-stemcell command.

  • If you have a URL to a stemcell tarball (for example URL provided by

    bosh -e vbox upload-stemcell --sha1 1dad6d85d6e132810439daba7ca05694cec208ab
  • If you have already downloaded a stemcell on your local machine:

    bosh upload-stemcell ~/Downloads/bosh-stemcell-3468.17-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tgz

Once the command succeeds you can view all uploaded stemcells in the Director:

bosh -e vbox stemcells

Should result in:

Using environment '' as client 'admin'

Name                                         Version  OS             CPI  CID
bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent  3468.17* ubuntu-trusty  -    6c9c002e-bb46-4838-4b73-ff1afaa0aa21

(*) Currently deployed

1 stemcells


Deployment Manifest Usage

To use uploaded stemcell in your deployment, add stemcells:

- alias: default
  os: ubuntu-trusty
  version: 3468.17