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Common Errors

Invalid Private Key File

Command 'deploy' failed:
    Creating instance 'bosh/0':
      Waiting until instance is ready:
        Starting SSH tunnel:
          Parsing private key file './bosh.pem':
            asn1: structure error: superfluous leading zeros in length

If you're using OpenStack Liberty or Mitaka, you cannot use SSH keys generated by nova with BOSH CLI due to an OpenStack bug. OpenStack versions before Liberty and after Mitaka are not affected. As a workaround, generate your ssh key manually and import it to nova.

VM Creation Failed


This error is raised if OpenStack is unable to create a VM. That may happen because:

  • not enough resources (vCPUs, RAM, disk) to run the VM. For example if you have selected m1.xlarge flavor that uses 10 vCPUs and you have 4 hypervisors and each one of them only has 3 vCPUs available, OpenStack is unable to start the VM anywhere even though, total vCPUs across all hypervisors is more than enough.

Image Not Found

Image `4c1d6840-6ac7-4b42-bf29-c95fef6d986e' not found

It's possible that image was deleted from OpenStack directly and BOSH is not aware of it. You can recover with bosh upload stemcell X --fix to reupload the stemcell.