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Google Cloud Platform

The google CPI can be used with Google Cloud Platform.


The following table maps BOSH concepts to their respective IaaS concept.

BOSH Google Cloud Platform
Availability Zone Zone
Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Instance
Network Subnet VPC Subnet
Virtual IP Static External IP
Persistent Disk Persistent Disks
Disk Snapshot Persistent Disk Snapshots
Stemcell Compute Custom Image
Agent Settings Instance Custom Metadata (bosh_settings key)

Feature Support

The following sections describe some specific BOSH features supported by the CPI.


The CPI does not support multiple NICs being attached to a VM.

Network Type Support
Manual Single network per instance
Dynamic Single network per instance
VIP Single network per instance


Feature Support
Multi-CPI Not Supported
Native Disk Resize Not Supported
Generic VM Resource Configuration Supported, v27.0.0+