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Using BOSH Teams

BOSH Teams map to UAA scopes that restrict the set of deployments that a user can manage. A user's or client's membership in a BOSH team is determined by the scopes assigned to their UAA client. When a user creates a deployment, that deployment will be manageable by any user belonging to the same team. There is currently no way to assign or reassign a deployment's teams.


This feature is available with bosh-release v255.4+.

Add a client to a BOSH Team

Scopes can be added to existing clients in order to associate the clients with BOSH Teams. You must be logged into UAA as a privileged user to grant and revoke scopes. All BOSH Team scopes follow the format:


To add a BOSH Team scope to an existing client:

uaac client update <CLIENT-ID> --authorities bosh.teams.<TEAM-NAME>.admin

Currently, Team Admin is the only team-level scope.

Team Admin


  • bosh.teams.<TEAM_NAME>.admin: user has admin access for deployments managed by the team

Can modify team managed deployments' associated resources:

  • bosh deploy: create or update deployment
  • bosh delete deployment: delete deployment
  • bosh start/stop/recreate: manage VMs
  • bosh cck: diagnose deployment problems
  • bosh ssh: SSH into a VM
  • bosh logs: fetch logs from a VM
  • bosh run errand: run an errand

Can view shared resources:

  • bosh deployments: list of team managed deployments and releases/stemcells used
  • bosh releases: list of all releases and their versions
  • bosh stemcells: list of all stemcells and their versions
  • bosh vms: list of team managed deployments' VMs which includes job names, IPs, vitals, details, etc.
  • bosh tasks: list of team managed deployments' tasks and their full details

Team admins cannot upload releases and stemcells. These are director-wide scopes.