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Common Errors

Incorrect Region

Stemcell does not contain an AMI for this region (us-west-2c)

Make sure that your region is one of the official AWS regions. AWS regions typically end with a number, so in the example above region is erroneously specified (it's set to an AZ since each region is divided into multiple AZ which end with a letter.)

Elastic IP Requires an Internet Gateway

Network vpc-a09e18c5 is not attached to any internet gateway

You need to create and attach an internet gateway to your VPC so that VMs can connect to the Internet.

Incorrect Subnet

The subnet ID 'subnet-c3051fad' does not exist

Make sure that the region matches the region where your specified subnet resides.

Incorrect System Time

Signature expired: 20141106T010406Z is now earlier than 20141106T011252Z (20141106T011752Z - 5 min.)

This error is usually caused by out-of-sync system time. Use ntpdate to sync the clock on the machine where BOSH CLI is run: sudo ntpdate Alternatively make sure that ntpd is correctly configured and running.

Multiple VMs Using an Elastic IP

resource eipalloc-6a45950f is already associated with associate-id eipassoc-427beb26

This error indicates that elastic IP specified in the manifest to be associated to the VM is in use by another VM. Check AWS console and decide whether other VM should be deleted to make elastic IP available for use.

Missing Subnet

Specifying an IP address is only valid for VPC instances and thus requires a subnet in which to launch

Make sure that each manual network subnet has cloud_properties key and its contents include subnet key with the AWS Subnet ID. (You may have accidentally specified cloud_properties on the network itself.)

Incorrect Arguments

Arguments are not correct

This error may be raised when:

  • instance_type is missing from the compilation or one of the resource pools' cloud_properties section
  • the deployment job instance is not assigned a static IP

Address is In Use

Address is in use.

This error indicates that unknown VM took up the IP that the Director is trying to assign to a new VM. Either let the Director know to not use this IP by including it in the reserved section of a subnet in your manual network, or make that IP available by terminating the unknown VM.

Consistent Security Groups

When specifying a security group you must specify a group id for each item.

Make sure all security groups in the CPI configuration and networks' cloud_properties sections are specified in the same format, as IDs (e.g. sg-384fher) or names (e.g. cf-public).

Insufficient IAM Permissions

You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message: vHU-KncL6Yo4pG5J9p...

See IAM instance profiles errors.

Unsupported Instance Type Virtualization

Non-Windows instances with a virtualization type of 'hvm' are currently not supported for this instance type.

You cannot use HVM stemcells with certain instance types. Review which instance type is specified in a referenced resource pool.

API Throttling

AWS::EC2::Errors::RequestLimitExceeded Request limit exceeded.

AWS API is throttling the number of request in your account. You can reduce the number of threads running in BOSH, or increase the value of aws.max_retries to let the AWS client library perform retries in a exponential backoff. Note that the more retries, the longer will take to fail.