Using Keystone API v2

Default configuration typically uses Keystone v3 API. This document describes how to use Keystone v2 if your OpenStack installation enforces this.

  1. Configure OpenStack CPI

    In properties.openstack:

    • switch property auth_url to use v2 endpoint.

      Note: path is v2.0 including the minor revision!

    • add property tenant

    • remove properties domain and project
      openstack: &openstack
        auth_url: # <--- Replace with Keystone URL
        tenant: OPENSTACK-TENANT # <--- Replace with OpenStack tenant name
        username: OPENSTACK-USERNAME # <--- Replace with OpenStack username
        api_key: OPENSTACK-PASSWORD # <--- Replace with OpenStack password
        default_key_name: bosh
        default_security_groups: [bosh]
  2. Deploy the Director