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Configuration Format

Note: This is not the final configuration format and is subject to change at any time.

Example monit Configuration

bpm still sits on top of monit as part of the current BOSH job API. However, the contents of the monit file now become simpler and less variable. The amount of features used is minimized. BOSH would like to remove support for monit eventually and so reducing the exposed feature area will make this easier.

check process the_job
  with pidfile /var/vcap/sys/run/bpm/the_job/
  start program "/var/vcap/jobs/bpm/bin/bpm start the_job"
  stop program "/var/vcap/jobs/bpm/bin/bpm stop the_job"
  group vcap

check process the_job-worker
  with pidfile /var/vcap/sys/run/bpm/the_job/
  start program "/var/vcap/jobs/bpm/bin/bpm start the_job -p worker"
  stop program "/var/vcap/jobs/bpm/bin/bpm stop the_job -p worker"
  group vcap

Job Configuration

# /var/vcap/jobs/the_job/config/bpm.yml
  - name: the_job # same as BOSH-job name means `-p <process>` is not needed
    executable: /var/vcap/data/packages/server/
    - --port
    - 2424
      FOO: BAR
      memory: 3G
      processes: 10
      open_files: 100
    ephemeral_disk: true # mount /var/vcap/data/the_job ; default `false`
                         # NOTE: /var/vcap/data/the_job/tmp is always mounted `rw`
    - path: /var/vcap/data/certificates
      writable: true # default `false`
      pre_start: /var/vcap/jobs/the_job/bin/server-setup

  - name: worker
    executable: /var/vcap/data/packages/worker/
    - --queues
    - 4
    persistent_disk: true # mount /var/vcap/store/the_job ; default `false`
    - path: /var/vcap/data/sockets
      writable: true # default `false`
      pre_start: /var/vcap/jobs/the_job/bin/worker-setup

Note: The value of the args: are passed literally to the executable:. Consider the following snippet:

executable: /path/to/command

- --some-flag="flag-value"

The value of --some-flag will be the string "flag-value" including quotes.

Setting Sysctl Kernel Parameters

We recommend setting these parameters in your BOSH pre-start with the following command:

sysctl -e -w net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout 10
sysctl -e -w net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse 1

You could set these in your bpm pre_start but since these affect the entire host and not just the contained job we like to keep them separate.


Your startup hook must finish with time to spare before the monit start timeout (30s by default). We're looking into ways to make this less vague.