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Sets VM's metadata to make it easier for operators to categorize VM-based resources when looking at the IaaS management console. We recommend to set VM name based on the passed name key (note name may be missing).

For example AWS CPI uses tags to store metadata for operators to see in the AWS Console. Same goes for Azure and Google CPIs. What is called “metadata” here is actually implemented as tags by most CPIs.

The following default tags are forced by Bosh, whatever happens. These cannot be overridden.

  "director":       "director name", // the director name, as shown by `bosh env`
  "deployment":     "traefik",       // the name of deployment to which the 'instance_group' belongs
  "instance_group": "traefik",       // the name of the group to which the (VM) instance belongs
  "job":            "traefik",       // 'job' is an old alias for 'instance_group', here it holds the exact same value
  "id":    "c50f32a0-65f4-40a2-9dde-bff12560c14d",         // the stable, unique ID of the (VM) instance in its group
  "name":  "traefik/c50f32a0-65f4-40a2-9dde-bff12560c14d", // the full name of the (VM) instance, composed of '<instance_group>/<instance_id>'
  "index": "1",                                            // the human-readable identifier of the (VM) instance in its instance group
  "created_at": "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ"                     // the last time at which `set_vm_metadata` method has been called on the (VM) instance

Compilation VMs also have this tag that details the package being compiled by the VM:

  "compiling": "package name"


  • vm_cid [String]: Cloud ID of the VM to modify; returned from create_vm.
  • metadata [Hash]: Collection of key-value pairs, including the top-level tags in the deployment manifest. CPI should not rely on presence of specific keys.


No return value


API Request

    "director": "director-784430",
    "deployment": "redis",
    "name": "redis/ce7d2040-212e-4d5a-a62d-952a12c50741",
    "job": "redis",
    "id": "ce7d2040-212e-4d5a-a62d-952a12c50741",
    "index": "1",
    "tag-name": "tag-value"