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Managing Permissions with UAA Scopes

If UAA is used for identity management, UAA will automatically verify a user's permissions when they log into the BOSH Director.

When clients perform actions on behalf of a user, UAA validates the client's permissions as described in the access token. You can read more about UAA Access Tokens here.


If you use the same private key to sign keys on different UAAs, users might obtain a token from one UAA and use it on the Director configured with a different UAA. It is therefore highly recommended to restrict scopes to individual Directors and not re-use a private key used for authenticating into UAA.

Logging into the Director as a User

Depending on how the UAA is configured different prompts may be shown.

bosh login
# Email: admin
# Password: **************

Logging into the Director as a UAA client

Non-interactive login, e.g. for scripts during a CI build is supported by the UAA by using a different UAA client allowing client_credentials grant type.

export BOSH_CLIENT=ci
export BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET=ci-password
bosh status

See the resurrector UAA client configuration for an example to set up an additional client.

Adding and Removing Users

The uaa_admin user, or another user with clients.admin or clients.write scope, may grant or revoke scopes to users and clients.

After logging in as the UAA Admin, you can use the UAA API or the UAA CLI to manage users. The following steps describe how to use the UAA CLI to add a new user that has readonly access on any Director.

First, log into UAA using the client secret provided for the UAA admin client in the manifest at uaa.admin.client_secret.

uaac target --ca-cert certs/rootCA.pem
uaac token client get admin
# Client secret:  **************
uaac user add some-new-user --emails

When a user is deleted, all of their permissions are implicitly removed as well:

uaac user delete some-new-user


Use UAA CLI v3.1.4+ to specify custom CA certificate.

Granting and Revoking User Permissions

Groups are commonly used for role-based access control in UAA. You can add permissions to users by defining a group and adding users to that group:

uaac group add
uaac member add some-new-user

Remove permission by removing users from a group:

uaac member delete some-new-user


Changing group membership will take effect when a new access token is created for that user. New access are granted when their existing access token expires or when user logs out and logs in again. It is recommended to set access token validity to a short interval such as one minute.

Top-level Scopes

UAA scopes can be assigned to groups, individual users, or clients.

The scopes in the token sent by a user or client describes which operations that user or client is permissioned to perform. Scopes are described in greater detail here.

In the context of BOSH UAA, the scopes described on this page are supported. BOSH UAA can also a specific set of scopes called BOSH Teams for more granular permissions management.

You can inspect the scopes granted to a client:

uaac client get <CLIENT ID>

Full Admin


  • bosh.admin: user has admin access on any Director integrated with the UAA instance
  • bosh.<DIRECTOR-UUID>.admin: user has admin access on the Director with the corresponding UUID

Can use all commands on all deployments.

Full Read-only


  • user has read access on any Director integrated with the UAA instance
  • bosh.<DIRECTOR-UUID>.read: user has read access on the Director with the corresponding UUID

Cannot modify any resource.

Can access in read-only capacity:

  • bosh deployments: list of all deployments and releases/stemcells used
  • bosh releases: list of all releases and their versions
  • bosh stemcells: list of all stemcells and their versions
  • bosh vms: list of all VMs which includes job names, IPs, vitals, details, etc.
  • bosh tasks: list of all tasks summaries which includes task descriptions without access to debug logs

Stemcell uploader


This feature is available with bosh-release v261.2+.


  • bosh.stemcells.upload: user can upload new stemcells

Note that CLI will try to list stemcells before uploading given stemcell, hence bosh upload stemcell CLI command requires users/clients to have scope as well.

Release uploader


This feature is available with bosh-release v261.2+.


  • bosh.releases.upload: user can upload new releases

Note that CLI will try to list releases before uploading given release, hence bosh upload release CLI command requires users/clients to have scope as well.


Users with no UAA scopes are considered anonymous.

Can access:

  • bosh status: show general information about targeted Director (authentication is not required)


HTTP 401: Not authorized: '/deployments' requires one of the scopes: bosh.admin, bosh.UUID.admin,,

This error occurs if the user doesn't have the right scopes for the requested command.