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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/diego-release. It was created based on the commit e9ecc2d0.

Release Notes

Changes from v0.1468.0 to v0.1469.0

Significant changes

IMPORTANT: This version of Diego is vulnerable to CVE-2016-3091, which is related to the Diego executor’s parsing of log output at UTF-8 boundaries. We strongly recommend that all operators on Diego v0.1468.0 through v0.1470.0 upgrade to Diego v0.1471.0 or later. Diego v0.1472.0 is recommended for use with the recently released CF v237 and should be compatible with CF v236.

IMPORTANT: This version of Diego completes the extraction of the cflinuxfs2 rootfs to its own release. In order to deploy Diego for use by CF, upload the cflinuxfs2-rootfs release to your director and ensure that you are using the cflinuxfs2-rootfs-setup job from that release on the cells in place of the rootfses job. If you are installing additional certificates in the cflinuxfs2 trust store, change those certificates to be under the cflinuxfs2-rootfs.trusted_certs property instead. The diego-release manifest-generation scripts handle the job-template and property change transparently.

IMPORTANT: This version of Diego also removes the CC-Bridge jobs that were previously copied to capi-release and linked into cf-release. On the cc_bridge VMs in the Diego deployment, change the release of the cc_uploader, stager, nsync, and tps jobs from diego to cf. The diego-release manifest-generation scripts handle the job-template changes transparently. This version of Diego also then requires CF at version 236 or later for those jobs to be present and fully functional. For the time being, the BOSH properties for those jobs are the same, but an upcoming version of CF will change those properties from the diego namespace to capi.

BBS Benchmarks

BBS Relational Datastore (Experimental)

Volume Support (Experimental)

Rootfs Release Extraction

CC-Bridge Transfer


Test Suites and Tooling


BOSH job changes

  • rootfses job deleted in favor of cflinuxfs2-rootfs-setup from the cflinuxfs2-rootfs release.
  • cc-uploader job deleted in favor of cc-uploader from capi-release or cf-release.
  • nsync job deleted in favor of nsync from capi-release or cf-release.
  • stager job deleted in favor of stager from capi-release or cf-release.
  • tps job deleted in favor of tps from capi-release or cf-release.

BOSH property changes

  • Removed all properties under diego.cc_uploader.
  • Removed all properties under diego.nsync.
  • Removed all properties under diego.stager.
  • Removed all properties under diego.tps.
  • Removed diego.rep.stack property.
  • Removed diego.rootfs_cflinuxfs2.trusted_certs property.
  • Removed spec default of ["cflinuxfs2:/var/vcap/packages/rootfs_cflinuxfs2/rootfs"] for diego.rep.preloaded_rootfses.


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "diego"
  version: "0.1469.0"
  url: ""
  sha1: "89d7d5cd923fdde62df061ffc6c36c64981f2bb3"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 89d7d5cd923fdde62df061ffc6c36c64981f2bb3 \