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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/cf-release. It was created based on the commit 719ba4c5.

Release Notes

Contents - Notices - Job Spec Changes - Security Notices - Compatible Releases and Stemcells - Subcomponent Updates


  • This release requires includes changes that require BOSH v261.3. Details: As we warned in CF v254, if your BOSH director uses a MySQL database as its data store, a version of cf-release that contains links for consul jobs will fail to deploy due to a bug in the database schema. BOSH v261.3 contains the necessary fix.
  • Known issue for DEA deployers: Stemcell 3363.19 and greater introduce a change incompatible with the DEAs. For deployers still using the DEAs, use the 3312.X stemcell series. Also, recall that DEA support ends on May 22, so we recommend migrating to Diego soon.

Job Spec Changes

  • Not yet updated

Security Notices

Affecting v258

  • None

Resolved in v258

  • Not yet updated

Subcomponent Updates

Compatible Releases and Stemcells


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "cf"
  version: "258"
  url: ""
  sha1: "964a3b740cb9b63fc63e14870209e2f10e603387"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 964a3b740cb9b63fc63e14870209e2f10e603387 \