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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/cf-release. It was created based on the commit bd6fa28b.

Release Notes

The cf-release v242 was released on September 13, 2016.

IMPORTANT - Starting with this release the format for bootstrapping UAA Users and Groups has been switched from a Pipe format to a struct format.

The previous format for uaa.scim.users was:

    - marissa|koala||Marissa|Bloggs|scim.write,,openid

The new format for uaa.scim.users is:

   - name: marissa
   password: koala
   firstName: Marissa
   lastName: Bloggs
    - scim.write
    - openid

The previous format for uaa.scim.groups was:


The new format is for uaa.scim.groups is:

  group1: 'My test group description'
  group2: 'My other test group description'
  group3: 'My next group description'

Contents: - CC and Service Broker APIs - Identity - Routing - Loggregator - Buildpacks and Stacks - DEA-Warden-HM9000 Runtime - Internal Components - Recommended Versions of Additional Releases - Job Spec Changes - Recommended BOSH Stemcell Versions

CC and Service Broker APIs

Contains CAPI release v1.5.0. Release notes for v1.4.0 and v1.5.0


Updated to UAA 3.7.0


No change.


  • Loggregator Traffic Controllers now run consul_agent template to be discoverable via consul DNS.
  • dea_logging_agent now lives in its own repository. It is now submoduled within loggregator for backward compatibility. However, the intention is to move it directly under cf-release and out of Loggregator.
  • Loggregator components are now packaged with golang1.7
  • DopplerServer.sentMessagesFirehose no longer appends the subscription_id to the metric name, instead it adds subscription_id as a tag.
  • No longer supporting message aggregation of HttpStart and HttpStop messages in Metron Agent.

Buildpacks and Stacks


updated to 1.80.0 (from 1.78.0)


Minor curl and ISC DHCP updates. No CVEs present.


Minor Linux kernel header upgrade. No CVEs present.


updated to v1.7.12 (from v1.7.11)


Highlights: - Add go 1.7 ( - Filter credentials from dependency urls printed during staging (

Default binary versions: go 1.6.3


updated to v1.5.19 (from v1.5.18)


Highlights: - Add support for New Relic configuration through service binding ( - Filter credentials from dependency urls printed during staging ( - Add default_versions support for specifying node default version (

Default binary versions: node 4.5.0


updated to v4.3.19 (from v4.3.17)


Highlights: - Add phalcon support to php7 ( - Fix ioncube for php5 and php7 (

Default binary versions: php 5.5.38, composer 1.2.0, httpd 2.4.23, newrelic, nginx 1.11.3


Highlights: - Redact credentials from HTTP(S) URLs in staging output and filenames ( - Introduce default_versions support ( - Add Cassandra pecl 1.2.1 ( - Execute .profile file instead of publicly hosting it (CVE-2016-6639) ( ( (

Default binary versions: php 5.5.38, composer 1.2.0, httpd 2.4.23, newrelic, nginx 1.11.3


updated to v1.6.24 (from v1.6.21)


Default binary versions: ruby 2.3.1, node 4.5.0


Highlights: - Fix crash in staging when Gemfile contains a gemspec with a relative path (

Default binary versions: ruby 2.3.1, node 4.5.0


Highlights: - Ruby runtime selection respects BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable (

Default binary versions: ruby 2.3.1, node 4.5.0

DEA-Warden-HM9000 Runtime

No changes

Internal Components

postgres-release (includes postgres job)

  • No changes.

etcd-release (includes etcd and etcd_metrics_server jobs)

  • No changes.

consul-release (includes consul_agent job)

  • Bumped from v108 to v110. No major functional changes, but several implementation changes from pull request to support consul_agent job on BOSH Windows stemcells.

nats-release (includes nats and nats_stream_forwarder jobs)

  • Bumped from v8 to v11. Functional changes:
    • Introduce BOSH links for nats.user, nats.password, nats.port (and implicitly, nats.machines) properties on nats job, including adding default value of 4222 to nats.port property. details

Recommended Versions of Additional Releases

These versions are soft recommendations, as several different versions of these releases may work correctly with this version of cf-release. - Diego release v0.1485.0. Release notes for v0.1485.0 · v0.1484.0. - Garden-Linux release v0.342.0. Release notes for v0.342.0. - etcd release v67. Release notes for v67. - cflinuxfs2-rootfs release v1.29.0. Release notes for v1.29.0 · v1.28.0.

Job Spec Changes

Recommended BOSH Stemcell Versions

  • real IaaS: 3262.12
  • BOSH-Lite: 3262.2

Note: For AWS you should use the Xen-HVM stemcells rather than Xen.

These are soft recommendations; several different versions of the stemcells are likely to work fine with this version of cf-release and the corresponding versions of the additional releases listed above.


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "cf"
  version: "242"
  url: ""
  sha1: "1400748c7ee59dee81458ae72e38d558b0a642a5"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 1400748c7ee59dee81458ae72e38d558b0a642a5 \