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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/cf-release. It was created based on the commit 2a4897df.

Release Notes

The cf-release v215 was released on August 18, 2015.

Contents: - CC and Service Broker APIs - Runtime - Buildpacks and Stacks - Routing - Loggregator - Internal Components - Job Spec Changes - Recommended BOSH Release and Stemcell Versions - Recommended Diego Version - Miscellaneous

CC and Service Broker APIs

CC API Version: 2.34.0

Service Broker API Version: 2.6

Cloud Controller

  • [Experimental] Work continues on /v3 and Application Process Types details
  • [Experimental] Work continues on Private Brokers details
  • [Experimental] Work continues on Dashboard Clients per Service Instance details
  • Fixed issue where CC worker does not pick up jobs that could not be loaded on the first attempt details
  • Update download endpoints in api docs to explain redirect behavior of cf oauth tokens to some blobstores that will not accept it details
  • Fix instances reporting if app failed to stage details
  • Ensure only space developers have access to service dashboards details
  • cloudfoundry/cloud_controller_ng #408: Filter stopped and unstaged on hm9k bulk endpoint details
  • /v2/spaces/:guid/summary should degrade gracefully if Diego is not available details
  • ensure start logging happens when invalid scheme is used details


No changes.

Buildpacks and Stacks


updated to 1.4.0 (from 1.1.0)


This rootfs enables both DEAs and Diego to share the vcap user home and app directories. #97733540


Notably, this version of the rootfs updates libsqlite3 to 3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1 to address USN-2698-1 “SQLite vulnerabilities” which addresses: - CVE-2013-7443 - CVE-2015-3414 - CVE-2015-3416


Notably, this release addresses USN-2694-1 “PCRE vulnerabilities”, which is related to: - CVE-2014-8964 - CVE-2015-2325 - CVE-2015-2326 - CVE-2015-5073

This release also adds the following package to the rootfs: - jq


updated to v3.1.1 (from v3.1)


I’m pleased to announce the release of the java-buildpack, version 3.1.1. This release ensures that the dependencies contained in the offline buildpack are up to date.

For a more detailed look at the changes in 3.1.1, please take a look at the commit log. Packaged versions of the buildpack, suitable for use with create-buildpack and update-buildpack, can be found attached to this release.

Packaged dependencies:

Dependency Version
AppDynamics Agent 4.0.7_0
GemFire 8.0.0
GemFire Modules
GemFire Modules Tomcat7
GemFire Security 8.0.0
Groovy 2.4.4
JRebel 6.2.2
MariaDB JDBC 1.1.9
Memory Calculator (centos6) 1.1.1.RELEASE
Memory Calculator (lucid) 1.1.1.RELEASE
Memory Calculator (mountainlion) 1.1.1.RELEASE
Memory Calculator (precise) 1.1.1.RELEASE
Memory Calculator (trusty) 1.1.1.RELEASE
New Relic Agent 3.18.0
OpenJDK JRE (centos6) 1.8.0_51
OpenJDK JRE (lucid) 1.8.0_51
OpenJDK JRE (mountainlion) 1.8.0_51
OpenJDK JRE (precise) 1.8.0_51
OpenJDK JRE (trusty) 1.8.0_51
Play Framework JPA Plugin 1.7.0.RELEASE
PostgreSQL JDBC 9.4.1201
RedisStore 1.2.0_RELEASE
SLF4J API 1.5.8
SLF4J JDK14 1.5.8
Spring Auto-reconfiguration 1.7.0_RELEASE
Spring Boot CLI 1.2.5_RELEASE
Tomcat Access Logging Support 2.4.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Lifecycle Support 2.4.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Logging Support 2.4.0_RELEASE
Tomcat 8.0.24


updated to v1.6.2 (from v1.6.1)


Packaged binaries:

name version cf_stacks
ruby 2.0.0 cflinuxfs2
ruby 2.1.5 cflinuxfs2
ruby 2.1.6 cflinuxfs2
ruby 2.2.1 cflinuxfs2
ruby 2.2.2 cflinuxfs2
jruby ruby-1.9.3-jruby-1.7.21 cflinuxfs2
jruby ruby-2.0.0-jruby-1.7.21 cflinuxfs2
jruby ruby-2.2.2-jruby- cflinuxfs2
node 0.12.7 cflinuxfs2
bundler 1.9.7 cflinuxfs2
libyaml 0.1.6 cflinuxfs2
openjdk1.8-latest 1.8.0_51 cflinuxfs2
rails3_serve_static_assets - cflinuxfs2
rails_log_stdout - cflinuxfs2


Updated to UAA Release 2.5.1


  • Work continues on support for Route Services details
  • Backfilled CATS for Sticky sessions details
  • Routes registered with a path are now exposed by Routing API with GET endpoint details


Loggregator Release Tag

Loggregator Features

  • Make doppler message drain buffer size configurable via bosh “doppler.message_drain_buffer_size” . details
  • Added additional lossiness metrics for monitoring between metron and doppler. details
  • PR - Read to detect syslog writer connection close. details
  • PR - Add default nats port to bosh jobs for nats, dea_logging_agent, loggregator_trafficcontroller, and metron_agent. details
  • PR - Log which syslog sink url is slow during buffer overflow. details

Loggregator Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where syslog drains would delay for 1ms during connection, backing up buffer. detailsadditional notes
  • Fixed a bug / added a feature to make doppler buffer sizes configurable. detailsadditional notes
  • Fixed a bug where TrafficController sends EOF unexpectedly to a firehose client. details

Internal Components

No changes.

Job Spec Changes

  • Added default value 4222 for nats.port in dea_logging_agent, doppler, loggregator_traffic_controller, and metron_agent jobs. details
  • Added doppler.message_drain_buffer_size to doppler job. details
  • Added router.route_service_secret_prev to gorouter job. details

Recommended BOSH Release and Stemcell Versions

  • BOSH Release Version: bosh 195
  • BOSH Stemcell Version(s):

    name: bosh-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent
    version: 3026

These are soft recommendations; several different versions of the BOSH release and stemcell are likely to work fine with this version of cf-release.

Recommended Diego Version

This is a soft recommendation; several different versions of the Diego release may work fine with this version of cf-release.


  • Enable logging for NATS. details
  • Fix 3.19 kernel issue with SYN’s being silently dropped when tcp_tw_recycle is enabled on DEA and gorouter. details
  • Update packaging scripts to support packaging Ruby and PostgreSQL on IBM Power platform. details


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "cf"
  version: "215"
  url: ""
  sha1: "fff498e8372d2467db5c779bf8155d23927232d2"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 fff498e8372d2467db5c779bf8155d23927232d2 \