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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry/cf-release. It was created based on the commit ae2ec7a5.

Release Notes

The cf-release v212 was released on June 22nd, 2015 - IMPORTANT: Database migrations have been moved into their own job. Previously part of cloud_controller_ng details - IMPORTANT: Loggregator vms have been renamed Doppler details. Note: with zero-downtime requires a two-phase deploy: 1. Add instances of each doppler job to match the number of instances of the corresponding loggregator job and deploy. 2. Remove all instances of loggregator and deploy. - IMPORTANT: default template stemcells have been updated from lucid to trusty details



  • Allow for more than one attribute to be updated in a service instance update call. If anything fails, roll back all changes. details
  • Warden more gracefully handles “Disconnected” timeouts during staging details
  • Fixed a bug where newrelic filled logs with bogus error: ERROR : URI::InvalidURIError: bad URI details
  • [Experimental] User can scale v3 applications process memory details
  • Address cve USN-2624-1 details
    1. Upgraded installed packages
  • Service catalog now reports plans with the duplicate name details
  • [Experimental] User can scale v3 process disk details
  • Service catalog now reports duplicate plan ids details
  • Fixed bug where Cloud Controller would become stuck waiting for NFS details
  • Fixed bug where apps could request negative disk details
  • Added doppler_logging_endpoint to /v2/info details
  • Applications can be scaled to 0 instances details
  • Space manager and auditor should see 404 error when deleting service keys details
  • Gorouter - Added “Cache-Control” and “Expires” headers to prevent caching of heartbeat responses. details
  • Fixed a bug where buildpack caches were not being deleted details
  • Removed Experimental tag from context path routing details


  • Bumped UAA to version 3.2.1 details

Routing Api

  • [Experimental] Now co-located on the Cloud Controller details


  • No major changes besides the rename to doppler mentioned above

Manifest and Job Spec Changes

  • properties.doppler.enabled details
  • properties.doppler.use_ssl details
  • properties.doppler.port details
  • properties.collector.memory_threshold details
  • properties.uaa.newrelic.environment can be used to configure the old newrelic configuration of uaa.newrelic.common.license_key details
  • properties.uaa.database.case_insensitive can be set to true when using case sensitivity with queries/filters because your DB is case sensitive.
  • [Experimental] routing api properties
    • properties.routing-api.consul_ttl
    • properties.routing-api.lock_retry_interval
    • properties.routing-api.metrics_reporting_ttl
    • properties.routing-api.statsd_endpoint
    • properties.routing-api.debug_address
    • properties.routing-api.max_concurrent_etcd_requests
    • properties.routing-api.statsd_client_flush_interval
  • [Experimental]
    • properties.routing-api.enabled changed to properties.router.enable_routing_api
    • properties.acceptance_tests.oauth_password cats credentials used to create, list and update routes details
    • properties.acceptance_tests.system_domain cats system domain for your CF release details

Used Configuration

  • BOSH Version: 152
  • Stemcell Version: 2989
  • CC Api Version: 2.29.0

Commit summary

Compatible Diego Version

  • final release 0.1304.0 commit


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "cf"
  version: "212"
  url: ""
  sha1: "cfa03b6eb4f2a474eb6dca693e4fad61b365f130"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 cfa03b6eb4f2a474eb6dca693e4fad61b365f130 \