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You can find the source of this version on GitHub at cloudfoundry-community/sslproxy-boshrelease. It was created based on the commit 942c8933.

Release Notes

The sslproxy.blacklisted_domains property was added to allow users to list domain suffixes that they wish to blacklist from being passed through the reverse proxy. This is mostly useful for hiding internal domains that co-exist with public domains on the target of the reverse proxy.


You can reference this release in your deployment manifest from the releases section:

- name: "sslproxy"
  version: "6"
  url: ""
  sha1: "b5014a26056c0b1a445608498795581c6a14e869"

Or upload it to your director with the upload-release command:

bosh upload-release --sha1 b5014a26056c0b1a445608498795581c6a14e869 \