release: / 1.11.0

Github source: 5c7bc156 or master branch

Changes from v1.10.1 to v1.11.0

IMPORTANT: The cc_uploader job on the cc_bridge VMs will soon require TLS credentials to communicate with Cloud Controller. If using the manifest-generation script in diego-release, these properties must now be configured via the, client_cert, and client_key properties. The generate-cc-uploader-certs script will generate these credentials via certstrap.

Significant changes

BBS Relational Datastore

Local Route Emitters


Test Suites and Tooling


BOSH job changes


BOSH property changes

  • Deprecated diego.executor.ca_certs_for_downloads in favor of rep-scoped tls.ca_cert property.

rep and rep_windows

  • Added tls.ca_cert: CA certificates for rep server to trust for downloads and uploads.
  • Added tls.cert: Certificate for rep client to present in downloads and uploads.
  • Added tls.key: Private key for rep client to use in downloads and uploads.

route_emitter and route_emitter_windows

  • Added tcp.enabled: Whether to enable emission of TCP routes through the routing API.
  • Added routing_api.uri: URI of the Routing API.
  • Added routing_api.port: Port of the Routing API.
  • Added routing_api.auth_disabled: Whether to use UAA authentication to communicate with the Routing API.

BOSH link changes


Upload this release version to the Director:

$ bosh upload-release --sha1 38f4b727956a1888776322156b1fd0532462b16d

Modify deployment manifest to use this release in addition to any other used releases:

- name: diego
  version: "1.11.0"

Finally add needed deployment jobs and specify values for required properties.

Optionally download sha1: 38f4b727956a1888776322156b1fd0532462b16d release tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition