A stemcell is a versioned Operating System image wrapped with IaaS specific packaging.

Typical stemcell contains bare minimum OS skeleton with few common utilities pre-installed, a BOSH Agent and few configuration files to make OS be securely configured by default.

Learn more about stemcells.

Ubuntu Lucid, CentOS 6.x, and Ruby agent based stemcells are deprecated.

Upload latest version to your BOSH Director:

# Upload latest version, currently 3363.1
$ bosh upload stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-google-kvm-centos-7-go_agent

# Upload specific version
$ bosh upload stemcell https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-google-kvm-centos-7-go_agent?v=3363.1

Alternatively, download stemcell tarball locally:

# ...or download it directly using curl
$ curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-google-kvm-centos-7-go_agent?v=3363.1

# or with wget...
$ wget --content-disposition https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-google-kvm-centos-7-go_agent?v=3363.1
  • CentOS 7.x

    • Google KVM 573MB
      2017-02-17T21:14:24.000Z 254ce9415e74d92091c377c18b39553eb8573c38 [SHA1]

      Reported Problems:

      • DO NOT USE azure stemcell as it may cause data loss.


      • Fixes double -hvm- suffix problem for AWS Light stemcells
    • Google KVM 573MB
      2017-02-16T02:17:06.000Z 12eaeecd3ca118a68a08cd84da9bb732c8759928 [SHA1]

      Reported Problems:


      • Add more auditd rules
      • Fix CentOS initramfs to load necessary kernel modules
      • Disable boot loader login
      • Increasing tcp_max_sync_backlog
      • Disabling any DSA host keys
      • Add bosh_sshers group and assign it to vcap user
        • Only allow users in bosh_sshers group to SSH


      • Log Agent API access events in CEF format to syslog (vcap.agent topic)
      • Allow configuring swap size through env.bosh.swap_size (example: env.bosh.swap_size: 0)
      • Prepare for SHA2 releases
      • Allow setting fetching to work with base64 encoded user data
      • Do not delaycompress in logrotate
    • Google KVM 588MB
      2016-12-05T17:30:46.000Z 9c75803da000241df7c1e52dc7c68976839f0986 [SHA1]
      • Periodic stemcell update
    • Google KVM 588MB
      2016-12-02T16:30:49.000Z 0408c25403fc42d4328bb96981378ab62b514494 [SHA1]
    • Google KVM 588MB
      2016-11-16T22:55:49.000Z 1b1e0098fbb9f3a57a46aff8a0b8f0e926e4e1cf [SHA1]
      • Properly includes libpam_cracklib.so to avoid errors in /var/log/auth.log