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The Cloud Controller provides primary Cloud Foundry API that is by the CF CLI. The Cloud Controller uses a database to keep tables for organizations, spaces, apps, services, service instances, user roles, and more. Typically multiple instances of Cloud Controller are load balanced.

Github source: 82fb38a8 or master branch

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Templates are rendered and placed onto corresponding instances during the deployment process. This job's templates will be placed into /var/vcap/jobs/cloud_controller_ng/ directory.

  • bin/ (
  • bin/cloud_controller_ng_ctl (cloud_controller_api_ctl.erb)
  • bin/cloud_controller_worker_ctl (cloud_controller_api_worker_ctl.erb)
  • bin/console (console.erb)
  • bin/dns_health_check (dns_health_check.erb)
  • bin/drain (drain.rb)
  • bin/migrate_db (
  • bin/nginx_ctl (nginx_ctl.erb)
  • bin/nginx_newrelic_plugin_ctl (nginx_newrelic_plugin_ctl.erb)
  • bin/post-start (
  • bin/pre-start (
  • bin/restart_drain (restart_drain.rb)
  • bin/ (
  • bin/seed_db (
  • bin/ (
  • config/certs/buildpacks_ca_cert.pem (buildpacks_ca_cert.pem.erb)
  • config/certs/dea_ca.crt (dea_ca.crt.erb)
  • config/certs/dea_client.crt (dea_client.crt.erb)
  • config/certs/dea_client.key (dea_client.key.erb)
  • config/certs/droplets_ca_cert.pem (droplets_ca_cert.pem.erb)
  • config/certs/mutual_tls.crt (mutual_tls.crt.erb)
  • config/certs/mutual_tls.key (mutual_tls.key.erb)
  • config/certs/mutual_tls_ca.crt (mutual_tls_ca.crt.erb)
  • config/certs/packages_ca_cert.pem (packages_ca_cert.pem.erb)
  • config/certs/resource_pool_ca_cert.pem (resource_pool_ca_cert.pem.erb)
  • config/certs/uaa_ca.crt (uaa_ca.crt.erb)
  • config/cloud_controller_ng.yml (cloud_controller_api.yml.erb)
  • config/mime.types (mime.types)
  • config/newrelic.yml (newrelic.yml.erb)
  • config/newrelic_plugin.yml (newrelic_plugin.yml.erb)
  • config/nginx.conf (nginx.conf.erb)
  • config/stacks.yml (stacks.yml.erb)

Packages are compiled and placed onto corresponding instances during the deployment process. Packages will be placed into /var/vcap/packages/ directory.