Note: This feature is available with bosh-openstack-cpi v28+.

You can create your own OpenStack light stemcells to re-use stemcell images already uploaded to your OpenStack image store. Note: Future deployments will fail if the stemcell image referenced by a light stemcell is removed from your OpenStack image store.

  1. Retrieve the UUID of an already uploaded stemcell image e.g. with openstack image list
  2. Retrieve the operating system and version of the stemcell from the image metadata to e.g. with openstack image show <image UUID>
  3. Use the create_light_stemcell script to create a light stemcell archive

    $ ./create_light_stemcell --os ubuntu-trusty --version 3312 --image-id 1234-567-890

You can use the light stemcell archive like a regular stemcell archive in BOSH deployment manifests and with bosh-init.

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