Once referenced stemcells and releases are uploaded to the Director and the deployment manifest is complete, a deployment can be formed on the Director. The CLI provides a single command to create and update deployments: bosh deploy. From the perspective of the Director, creation and update of the deployment happens through the same steps.

To let the CLI know that you are planning to operate on a specific deployment you must set the deployment:

$ bosh deployment ~/workspace/my-deployment/manifest.yml

Deployment set to `/Users/pivotal/workspace/my-deployment/manifest.yml'

From then on most commands the CLI provides act on the set deployment. To form a deployment on the Director represented by the manifest.yml, run the deploy command:

$ bosh deploy

After the deploy command completes with either success or failure you can run a command to list VMs created for this deployment:

$ bosh instances

Deployment `my-deployment'

Director task 10326

Task 10326 done

| Instance       | State   | Resource Pool | IPs         |
| redis-master/0 | running | redis-servers | |
| redis-slave/0  | running | redis-servers | |
| redis-slave/1  | running | redis-servers | |

Instances total: 3

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