Note: Applies to CLI v2 v2.0.13+.


Before After
bosh-init deploy bosh create-env
bosh-init delete bosh delete-env
bosh target bosh alias-env my-env -e
bosh status bosh env
bosh -t my-env … bosh -e my-env …
bosh -d manifest-path … bosh -d deployment-name … [3]
bosh deployment n/a
bosh deploy bosh deploy
bosh delete deployment bosh delete-deployment
bosh tasks –no-filter bosh tasks
bosh tasks recent 1000 bosh tasks -r=1000
bosh download manifest dep bosh manifest
bosh vms my-dep bosh instances
bosh vms my-dep bosh -d my-dep vms
  • Most commands require (--environment) -e and --deployment (-d) flags
  • --deployment (-d) flag accepts a deployment name instead of a manifest
  • bosh-init CLI is now absorbed by the bosh CLI. One binary!
  • Variety of commands (create-env/delete-env/etc.) accept simple interpolation flags (-v/-l)
  • All commands support friendlier non-TTY output, forceful TTY output and --json formatting
  • All command names now use dashes instead of spaces
  • All commands expect ‘piece1/piece2’ formatting for instances, releases, and stemcells
  • ^+C doesnt ask for task cancellation and just exits CLI command (task continue to run)
  • Sorts all tables in a more consistent manner
  • Stores configuration file in ~/.bosh/config instead of ~/.bosh_config
  • Most of the output formatting have changed

Notable differences per command

  • bosh alias-env and all commands

    • only allows connections to Director configured with verifiable certificates
    • no longer asks to interactively log in
  • bosh log-in

    • no longer accepts username or password arguments
  • bosh task

    • removed --no-track flag without replacement
  • bosh tasks

    • improves argument syntax (-r for recent and -a for all)
  • bosh deploy

    • no longer checks or requires director_uuid in the deployment manifest
    • to achieve similar safety make sure to give unique deployment names across environments
  • bosh instances

    • no longer accepts deployment name argument in favor of using global --deployment (-d) flag
  • bosh vms

    • no longer accepts deployment name argument in favor of using global --deployment (-d) flag
  • bosh logs

    • adds -f flag similar to tail -f (uses bosh ssh command internally)
  • bosh ssh

    • improves argument syntax, use ssh --help for more info
    • support for running commands against multiple machines
    • adds --opts flag to pass through options to ssh command for port forwarding etc.
    • adds -r flag to collate results from multiple machines
  • bosh scp

    • improves argument syntax
    • support for running command against multiple machines
  • bosh delete-deployment

    • removes explicit argument for specifying deployment in favor of global --deployment (-d) flag
  • bosh add-blob

    • requires a path to its release destination
    • no longer uses symlinks to manage blobs but rather places file directly into blobs/

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